Thursday, January 24, 2008

How I came to find the Lord...

I feel compelled to relay my testimony for all to read. I am truly joyed at the thought that Christ died for me.

On July 6 2001 when I responded to a domestic dispute… a man with a “gun” at a local convenience store. I was to be first on scene.

I heard Chief Gurr arrive on scene, as I pulled up, I heard gunfire. It was over as I exited; the Chief was dead. He had taken my place.

I took the gift God had given me for granted and crumpled it away like a piece of used paper to be tossed into the garbage. I thought salvation could be tailored to suit my lifestyle… I thought I could live as I wanted. I realized I was wrong… on 1 January 2005 I was involved in a one vehicle accident.

If I had died on this day, I would be in Hell.

Since then I have picked up my Bible and not looked back.

I was led to Christ through my beautiful wife and my oldest son.

I thank God for His patience and for His forgiveness.